Changes Report

Release History

0.7December 11, 2006Au Revoir, Metz
0.6November 12, 2006Wax On, Wax Off
0.5October 2, 2006Random Improvements
0.4September 13, 2006Greased Lightning
0.3September 1, 2006Fixes and Enhancements
0.2July 10, 2006Additional Features
0.1July 4, 2006Initial Release

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Release 0.7 - December 11, 2006

Properties of type byte[ ] now automatically get an upload component.sdanig
Fix bug 1602203: user-defined models for enum properties are ignored. Thanks to Marco von Ballmoossdanig
Improve recognition of customized body to account for nested customization. Thanks to Remo von Ballmoossdanig
Allow button overrides via use of carefully-named components.sdanig
Allow binding overrides on save/cancel/refresh/delete buttons.sdanig
Add Portuguese translation. Thanks to thx1011sdanig
Add German translation. Thanks to Remo von Ballmoossdanig

Release 0.6 - November 12, 2006

When moving values from submitted form to properties, only instantiate null elements of recursive properties when values submitted are not null.sdanig
Base input field ids on property names.sdanig
Add pseudo properties as a way of mixing custom fields with bean fields.sdanig
Make it easier for multi-field binding overrides using OGNL to refer to the current property.sdanig
Remove non-threadsafe use of SimpleDateFormat in the Hibernate Validator integration code.sdanig
Add support for @Pattern Hibernate Validator annotation.sdanig
Use PropertySelection component for enum bean properties.sdanig
Add Polish translation. Thanks to Grzegorz Mrówkasdanig
Add Greek translation. Thanks to Andreas Andreousdanig
Add French translation.sdanig
Add Spanish translation.sdanig

Release 0.5 - October 2, 2006

Add "exclude" parameter to the BeanForm component.sdanig
Fix bug 1560627: input override can't be used when you have 2+ BeanForms. Thanks to Edoardo Campagnanosdanig
Fix bug 1565487: indexed JavaBean properties cause NPEs in BeanProperty#getTypeName(). Thanks to Jon McCartysdanig
Fix bug 1565478: write-only JavaBean properties cause NPEs in BeanProperty#getValue(). Thanks to Jon McCartysdanig
Dynamic binding overrides for input fields via informal parameters on the BeanForm.sdanig
Add Italian translation. Thanks to Edoardo Campagnanosdanig
More efficient dynamic validator list building process (~70% form rewind time savings).sdanig
Don't use deprecated translator binding.sdanig
Fix bug 1554067: input override via use of carefully-named components breaks when using BeanForm inside a custom component. Thanks to Edoardo Campagnanosdanig

Release 0.4 - September 13, 2006

Use translator binding with TextField: fixes numeric conversion issue.sdanig
Easy single-select dropdown boxes via the use of informal parameters.sdanig
Use direct service: BeanForm works in Tapestry 4.1 now.sdanig
Aggressive replacement of OGNL bindings with Tapestry-Prop bindings (~50% rendering time savings).sdanig
Add ne w parameter "cacheProperties" and cache properties unless told otherwise (~10% rendering time savings).sdanig
Easier input type overriding for standard input types (inside "properties" parameter).sdanig

Release 0.3 - September 1, 2006

Add BeanForm parameter defaults; can't rely on nested Form defaults.sdanig
Move bulk of value assignment/retrieval code from OGNL to Java: faster, testable.sdanig

Release 0.2 - July 10, 2006

If Hibernate Validator annotations are present on bean properties, use them to infer appropriate Tapestry validation.sdanig
Finalize support for overriding default inputs via the use of carefully-named custom components.sdanig

Release 0.1 - July 4, 2006